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Embrace the Autumn Aesthetic: Transitioning Your Interior Design from Summer to Fall

As the sultry days of summer bid us adieu and we start to feel the first hints of the crisp fall breeze, it’s an invigorating time for interior design enthusiasts. Whether you’re in denial or ready to dive right in, it’s best to embrace the change in scenery. Just as nature begins its transformation, shedding its lush green canvas for a fiery display of oranges, reds, and golds, our homes too beckon for a seasonal makeover. Being both an interior designer and a luxury furniture store owner, I’ve witnessed firsthand how small tweaks can redefine the energy of a space. Here are some curated tips to help your home seamlessly transition from summer to fall, infusing warmth, coziness, and elegance into every nook and corner.

1. Color Palette Swap

Summer was all about the breezy blues, sunny yellows, and vibrant greens. As we shift into fall, consider transitioning to a richer palette. Think burnt oranges, deep burgundies, rich browns, and golden yellows. These hues reflect the changing leaves outside and bring a warm and comforting ambiance indoors. This can be done by changing the foliage in your vases, swapping throw pillows and blankets, or adding small hints of these hues into your shelf styling.

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2. Luxurious Layering

Fall calls for a sense of coziness. Introduce luxurious throws, plush cushions, and heavyweight drapes. Consider materials like velvet, faux fur, and wool. These fabrics don’t just warm up the room, but also add a touch of opulence. If you’re lacking these layers in your home, we sure know where you can buy some!

3. Naturesque Nuances

Embrace nature in your decor. Bring in pinecones, dried leaves, and pumpkins. Consider tastefully curated decorative pieces like wooden bowls filled with cinnamon sticks, or a vase of dried wheat or pampas grass. These touches bridge the gap between the outside world and your interior realm.

4. Sophisticated Lighting

The days get shorter as we head into fall, making lighting paramount. Switch out cool-toned summer bulbs for warm, ambient lighting. Introduce elegant floor lamps, statement table lamps, and perhaps even a chandelier from our incredible vendors, ensuring your home glows with a gentle luminescence.

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5. Furniture Reshuffling

Reconfigure the furniture to promote intimate gatherings. Perhaps pull those chairs a bit closer around the fireplace or the coffee table. Adding a luxury statement piece, like an ornate mirror or a vintage wooden table, can also redefine the space. If you need more than reshuffling, we would be happy to help you shop for the BEST pieces that would suit your space.

6. Scented Serenity

Last but certainly not least, remember the power of scent. Summer was all about tropical and oceanic fragrances. Transition to candles or diffusers with aromas of cinnamon, apple, cedarwood, and sandalwood. They don’t just smell divine; they evoke memories of warm apple pies, bonfires, and festive gatherings.

To ensure that your transition from summer to fall is both elegant and effortless, make it a point to visit our furniture store. Each piece is thoughtfully selected to elevate your space to an unparalleled realm of sophistication.

Here’s to a home that not only reflects the changing seasons but also becomes a haven of warmth and style. Happy redecorating!