Mudroom (Gear Room) Details

The mudroom marries elegance with practicality, boasting extensive cabinetry that seamlessly integrates form and function. Towering cabinet units stand sentinel, offering abundant storage perfect for outdoor gear and seasonal attire. The tall countertop will make a great drop zone and charging station for organization and functionality that will be out of site. Every detail of the space is meticulously crafted, ensuring that even the most utilitarian room exudes a touch of sophistication.

Detail Breakdown:

A note from the Designers:

The wall and cabinet colors are really warm and yummy gray tones. This room is coined as a mudroom, but is often referred to as a gear room for the homeowner’s activewear and, well, gear. They will be able to store their items for snowshoeing, kayaking, cycling, photography, etc. It is a great one stop shop with ample storage space between the drawers, shelves, hanger rods and tall cabinet towers.